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  • ASA excited about Spring AAU program

    Published on December 1, 2014
    Mission Statement
    ASA Hoops is a "teach first" AAU program; we value the instruction process as much as the result. Our teaching approach creates highly disciplined players who can apply strategy, purpose, and forethought in real time on the basketball court. As educators, ASA feels strongly our core values are important traits in developing young people into successful adults.

    1) ASA - National SELECT
    ASA - SELECT will be our version of the commonly used word ELITE. Our SELECT teams will be comprised of the best basketball players in our program, we very well may be Elite, however we do not subscribe to labeling ourselves. SELECT as we define it will be a partnership between ones family and ASA. A family / player is SELECTING ASA to maximize their potential and ASA is SELECTING the very best players to represent our teams in highly competitive situations. Each Select team will be expected to make every effort to attend Nationals upon qualifying.

    Last but not least it is very important that our players understand that AAU should be used as a vehicle to reach ones ceiling. Our expectation is for ASA Select players to take the lessons and improvement they have gained while under our wing back to their respective schools and make significant impacts on their programs.

    SELECT program highlights:
    1.  7 -Tournaments
    2.  3 nights of on-court practice / training
    3.  ASA Player Profile exposure page
    4.  Membership to Hudl, online source for film editing, film breakdown (games can be recorded, uploaded to server for players to watch).
    5.  Certified Coaches by either NHFS or MIAA
    6.  First aid and CPR, Concussion trained coaches
    7.  End-of-Season written evaluation
    8.  Member of ASA loyalty discount program

    2) ASA - EXCEL
    ASA - EXCEL will be home to the majority of our Athletes. ASA - EXCEL athlete will be a combination of players who either deemed close to being able to join our SELECT teams or are talented multi-sport athletes who cannot commit to SELECT schedule. EXCEL teams may still choose to attend Nationals upon qualifying.

    EXCEL program highlights
    1.  6 Tournaments
    2.  ASA Player Profile exposure page
    3   2 - Nights of on-court practice / training
    4.  First aid and CPR, Concussion trained coaches
    5.  Member of ASA loyalty discount program

    Spring 2015 Girls Tryout Registration:  Click here
    Spring 2015 Boys Tryout Registration:  Click here


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