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  • ASA Boys Teams dominate Warriors league going 13-1

    Published on October 6, 2014
    ASA Boys teams dominated the Warriors Fall League Sunday 10/5 going 13-1.  There were may hard fought battles along the way, however ASA Team Spinner 5th grade may have had the most exciting finish.  In the final seconds they came from behind beating the Warriors at the buzzer to win by 1 point.  Great job to all coaches and players keep up the good work.

    ASA Team Smith 8th grade

    ASA 8 Team Smith was able to pull off a hard fought victory over All For One 8 by a score of 48-42. With the early characteristics of a physical game, ASA would rise to the challenge answering numerous attempts by AFO. Timely rebounding and ball movement would lead to open shooting opportunities for ASA 8s sharpshooters to maintain their lead. With ASAs shots falling All for One was forced to guard the three point arc opening up driving lanes and transitional baskets. With time winding down ASA would setup an inbound play that allowed for an open layup to seal the deal.

    Player of The Game

    Marckenley Lima

    ASA 8 Team 1 vs All for One, Win 48-42

    Marckenley played multiple roles in ASA 8s victory on Sunday. His early defensive pressure and hustle allowed his team to control the tempo of the game. Marckenley's ability to control the boards allowed his teammates transition opportunities and open shots, while he would put on a shooting show himself matching three pointers from the opposing team, twice down the stretch maintain the lead, while finishing the open layup that sealed the victory.

    ASA Team Allan 10th grade

    ASA 10 would come out strong in the beginning of Sunday's game, but would not be able to maintain their lead in the closing minutes of the second half pulling off a close victory by the score of 38-37. With their forward and centers working extra ASA would control the rebounding game and set the tempo for the better part of the game. However, late efforts by the Warriors would prove to be a challenge for ASA 10. With the opposition knocking down two three pointers in the last two minutes, ASA was able to maintain pressure and stall out the clock for the win.

    Player of the Game

    Joe Chebli

    ASA 10 vs Boston Warriors, Win 38-37

    Joe had a great game against the Boston Warriors this week. His effort and hard work on both the defensive end and offensive end. Joe controlled the defensive boards while forcing the opposition to take contested shots. While on the offensive end Joe cleaned up teammates shots on numerous occasions and had some great put backs.

    ASA 6 Team 2 

    ASA 6 would come out slow allowing Boston Warriors 6 to get an early 9 point lead, but they would battle back to win 33-24. Playing full court man to man ASA 6 was able to speed up the tempo while finishing at the hoop and knocking down open jump shots. ASA 6 would keep up the pressure throughout the game playing hustle defense that the opposition couldn't answer. This was a great team victory for ASA 6 with great play by all.

    Player of the Game

    Sam Prudovsky

    ASA 6 Team 2 vs Boston Warriors, Win 33-24

    Sam had a great game for ASA 6, converting on numerous occasions, while taking the lead role on the court into a new offense directing his teammates to open space, and distributing the ball to others. Sam would go on a run of his own playing a role in six straight scoring opportunities, four in which he hit an open jumper and two making fundamental passes to open teammates to extend their lead.


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