ASA Hoops


Allison Avramovich

"Thanks for a great week. Gil and Koby really enjoyed their week of basketball. They gained confidence and learned so many useful skills. We appreciate the opportunity you gave them."


"Thanks for helping Megan have a great week at bball camp, she was very pleased with the success she found at A Step Ahead! Thanks!"



Charlie has had a really, really great season with you this fall. We are so glad that he was on an ASA Hoops team (U12, B). He has learned a so much and his confidence is at a good level."

Grisselle Martinez

"Hi Coach,

Thanks for your e-mails. Just want to let you know that I’m considering
sending my daughter, Karla Melendez again this summer for classes. Her
skills improved tremendously and she had such a wonderful experience during the 2 wks. she spend with you and your coaches last summer.

Take care!"


"Just got the email that Johar made the Needham A team. Thanks for all the great coaching!"



Katie made the 8th grade girls' Brookline travel bball team today. Craig and I feel that your clinics were extremely helpful in helping her to achieve that goal, which was very important to her. Thank you so much for all you did."

Bob Fay

"Yesterday my daughter played her last AAU game and when I commented on
the way home about her play she told me it was because she was a step
ahead... She came away from the clinic with a ball fake and really
understanding to box out on the opposite side of the basket. Both my girls
had lots of fun during the April camp and Tom did an outstanding job. What
better way for kids to spend April vacation than playing ball for four days !"

Victoria Jones


Thank you to you and Brian. Brent had a great experience. He loved the hard work and the team finding it's chemistry towards the end of the season."

Cindy Murphy

"Hi Coach,

Thanks for the e-mail, Tim will be there. He is getting so much out of your clinic...the skills he's working on are awesome and there is a definite improvement in his game. Some friends think we're crazy to drive an hour to Newton from Bellingham but Tim looks forward to going every Saturday...definately worth it!"

Karen Clay

"Good morning Brendan,

Thank you for the opportunity for Darien to play with ASA. He had a great time and learned a great deal! Have a great summer."

Esteban Soto

"Hello coach, just wanted to thank you for the opportunity you gave my son Gabe to play on the 12 and under team, we had a great time and Gabe has improved his game. Hope you can continue to have this success."


"Brendan, Kyle had a great time this week. Thank you for the birthday
Gatorade, he was pleasantly surprised."

Virgina Fry

"Hello ASA Staff

I just wanted to let you know that my son, Blake Fry, who has participated
many times in your Newton programs, completed the Hyannis Camp with a friend from Brewster the end of June. His coach was Coach Taylor.

Blake said that this was by far the best of the camps he has been to. Judging from the evaluation sheet from the coach and the award ceremony, he apparently has continued to develop as a player.

We feel, as Blake does, that your programs have helped him tremendously,
including your Sat AM skills group last fall which prepared him to try out
for the Natick school team and to be accepted in sophomore year. I think
this particular camp helped develop skills but also team and leadership
qualities which he has not shown before.

Thank you for your wonderful programs! I expect Blake to be in one of the
skills classes for his age group this fall.

Have a wonderful summer,

Virginia Fry"

Allyson Poole-Foster


On behalf of my 3 kids, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for a great summer of basketball. Zoe, Zane and Ruben have come home every day from camp with great stories and are tired but happy. I appreciate all your hard work to bring together such a great experience for so many kids of different ages and backgrounds.

Thank you"


"Dear ASA Hoops

Thanks for this great week. Ariel was enjoying himself and putting a lot of effort. I don't know how he had the energy but despite the heat he came everyday home, rested a bit and went to practice outside.... I could see how he was implementing what he learned... Working on his pivot and balance before shooting, very nice....

Looking forward to next week!


Monica Chavez


I wanted to thank you both and extend my praise for the skills class. This past weekend, I witnessed Sofia come out of her shell during her school basketball game. It was amazing to see her handle the ball and attempt to shoot baskets. (She's not done it all season). The basic skills she's learned during Saturday class were clearly evident in her ball handling. I was so incredibly proud to watch her use what she's learned without effort, it seemed like second nature. She even was complimented by other parents who didn't realize she could play during the season. I told them it was all thanks to ASA Hoops!! Thank you again for giving her the skills she needs to feel more self confident."