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Veterans Day Clinics

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Veterans Day Clinics

Published October 19, 2023
1:36 pm

Friday November 10th ASA will offer boys and girls clinics for ages 7-15.  Events will take place in:   Newton, Braintree and Danvers.  Come join the ASA staff for a fun and competitive day of basketball.

8:55AM – 9:10AM: Free shoot / check in
9:10AM – 9:20AM: Warm up / Stretch
9:20AM – 9:40AM: Dribble Series / Ball Handling
9:40AM – 10:10AM: Drill Stations
10:10AM – 10:40AM: 3 on 3 games
10:40AM – 11:00AM: Scrimmage
11:00AM – 11:20AM: Lunch / Snack break
11:20AM – 11:30AM: Free Throws
11:30:AM – 11:45AM: Hot Shot
11:45AM – 11:55AM: Defensive Slides
11:55PM – 12:10PM: 1 on 1 Drills
12:10PM – 12:35PM: 1 on 1 games
12:35PM – 12:55PM: Scrimmage
12:55PM – 1:00PM: Dismissal

Register at:  Fall Clinics